• Paul Christiaan Bos

    oils, acrylics, charcoal
    fine art prints
  • paper panel
    paint made by hand
    gold leaf
  • light
  • portrait

Paul Christiaan Bos

Paul Christiaan Bos:
born 1956 Haarlem, Netherlands. Artist since 1973.
methods and techniques: oils, acrylics, charcoal, pencil, water colour, silver point and mixed media.
fine art prints / giclees / etchings
portraits, landscapes, animals in paintings and drawings
His works are to be found in private collections all over the world.

the images above show details from the following paintings and drawings:

Winter in Friesland

resinous oils and tempera on panel, 23.6 * 27.6 in.
A landscape of snow and ice, with trees and old, living houses on both sides of a wide canal. In the light of the setting sun two people walk through the village over the ice, an older man and a blond girl. Though a non-existent scene, yet this panel is a true remembrance of Friesland. In fact it is a synthesis of many remembrances of that special country.

The Cat and the Philosopher

drawing / mixed media, detail with gold leaf. 19.6 * 19 in.
A "not-quite-illustration" for the coming children's book.

The Small Gate of Cornjum On a Wintry Afternoon

miniature. Resinous oils and tempera on panel, 7.1 * 7.6 in.
About how one single small gate can change and give meaning to the whole world. The sun firing up snow-laden trees, the filigrain branches capriciously sway and weave through each other on both sides of the Gate till it almost becomes a dance. About the deep connection between objects and surroundings.

Portrait Pyter

pencil & pigments ground into specially prepared panel, 26.8 * 25.6 in.
A Portrait of a special & rather unique child, done in a drawing technique as unique; a technique which, to the artist's knowledge, never even has been done before.
Child Pyter in a wild but interconnected universe, surrounded by animals gifted with understanding.

Paul Christiaan Bos puts extreme demands on his work. It is not so much the detailing he cares passionately about, but the colour and the "inner light" the paint has to possess. In order to reach these heights of material impossibility, he has to work in layers. To bring the paint to life and have it emanate inner light, each layer gets a so-called "withoging" ("white-heightening" ), from his special tempera.

Since spring 2011 Paul Christiaan Bos fully dedicated himself to his "Owlery Project", an "intense search for echoes of the primeval self". In 2012 he met with a serious car-accident that made it impossible to continue with the old and very intensive way of working. He had to somehow find a totally different way of painting. The Owls turned out to be a salvation, as they already were a source of inspiration. The artist also turned to writing about them.
There have by now appeared four books by him:
1986 "The Eyes Amazed"
2015 "Uilen Dagboek" (not yet translated into English)
2016 "De Uilen Tuin" (not yet translated into English) 2019 "Ariane het Maanuiltje" (not yet translated into English)