Magisch Realism of artist Paul Christiaan Bos

magic is: an image that suddenly happens to spring up from nowhere,
and then won't let go till at last others will be able to see it too. Paul Christiaan Bos

gold leaf
Paul Christiaan Bos: faraway mountain landscape with Atlas and flying swans, also to be had as giclée. Oils
Paul Christiaan Bos: TempleBird in fantasy landscape
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Essence, the subconscious held in the hand within a prism
Paul Christiaan Bos: Candle Carrier from painting Stairway to the Attic. With the flame from her Candle she gives light to others.
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Girl and the Gull, a dream image in silverpoint and gold leaf.
Paul Christiaan Bos: Contemplating Statue: one of his earliest miniatures (about 1975-1976)
Paul Christiaan Bos: Pond with Horse, a different approach
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Horses' Dance, the story of a journey from the sun over the leaves of the Butterbur, all the way to a faraway star
Paul Christiaan Bos: drawing Woman During the Emerging of Spring, water at the same time seen from beneath en above the surface, subconscious
Paul Christiaan Bos: Medallion with Miniature. Text handpainted. Tempera and resinous oils.
Paul Christiaan Bos: Medallion with Miniature and Gem, memories of a tough but life-changing walking tour through Ireland
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Sleeping Boy, on couch in front of rolling clouds
Paul Christiaan Bos: the Multiple Faces from painting Stairway to the Attic. Light shining through the fingers of the artist - which can be seen from the paint that is still sticking to them.
Paul Christiaan Bos: painting LIV, hilly Irish landscape with dog and pigeons and horses
Paul Christiaan Bos: from a very early dream: memories of a journey and freemason insignia
Paul Christiaan Bos: drawing of Ethelred The Unready, one of the most intriguing figures of those that dimly emerge from the mists of early, only half written, English history.
Paul Christiaan Bos: painting Stairway to the Attic. Faraway Landscape under the moon. Everyone in that landscape is absorbed in only him- or herself, except for the Candle Carrier in the middle, and the owls in the upper right corner of the canvas
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Foot of the Rainbow. Sun lodges in the paint. Sun shines through to the bottom of the small, transparent lake, with frogs, many birds, butterflies and other insects.
Paul Christiaan Bos: miniature L.I.V. - Summer, made with huge mountains of unadulterated love. Feeling of september in the balmy air. Memories of Gent too, the city where the artist learned so very, very much at the Sint-Baafskathedraal, from the Polyptych of Jan van Eyck there, the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.
Paul Christiaan Bos: Two Girls & Flamingo, in fact a portrait of the sisters Gretha en Nathalie, but magical enough to place here in this gallery.
Paul Christiaan Bos: Glimpse Of The Domain. Glimpse a small piece of Heaven, I think.
Paul Christiaan Bos: painting Zoë's Night, with in the background the swamps I can only visit in wintertime, when the water is frozen solid.
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Cat and the Philosopher<H6>(illustration Children's Book "Nino and the Key to the Gold")</H6></h4></div><div class=
Paul Christiaan Bos: Triptych A Journey's Tale. A tale of a journey in fantasy.
Paul Christiaan Bos: Geheimen
Paul Christiaan Bos: The Giant. Illustration from "Nino and the Key to the Gold".